Choosing a Work Surface​

Find a space that is free of distractions, noise,
and clutter for learning and doing homework.

Variant Beveled Leg Desk

8 Laminate / 2 Base Finishes, Sturdy, Stylish Design, Variety of Size Options, 
Add Storage & Power Options

Mario Collection Stackable Desk

Lightweight & Stackable, Pencil/Tablet Holder, Modesty Panel, Built In Bag Hook

Choosing a Your Seating

Rotating seating throughout the day.
From a traditional style chair to a ‘wiggle stool’.

Jiffy Chair

Adjusts to 7 Position with Moving Back & Armrest, Easily Removable Back & Seat, Molded Footrest

Renegade Raider

Lumbar Support, 135 Degree Recline Angle, Swivel & Tilt Control, Height Adj.Arms

Spool Stool

6” Pneumatic Height Adjustment, Tilts up to 5 degrees in any direction, Compact & Lightweight

Creating A Quiet, Private Space​

If you have multiple children learning in the same space, create a “study board” or privacy screen. Let the students design it with stickers and markers. Create spaces they can hang their daily schedule or make a wipe off-board.

Spry Mobile Marker Board

Durability & Lightweight, Magnetic Surface, Locking Casters, Easily Joins Together with Other Mobile Boards

Free Standing Panel

Sturdy Wood Frame, Can be used as a Tack Board, Variety of Widths/Heights, Opaque Window Option Available

Welcoming employees back to the workplace - In a New Way.

All the information, all in one place!

A successful return to the office post quarantine is not an event, it’s a process. The return involves both transition and transformation. The team at COE has developed solutions for a safe and healthy return to the workplace.

The workplace has changed dramatically in the past few months. Office layouts had to quickly transition from open space collaboration areas to office layouts that encourage social distancing and privacy.

Let your employees know you care about their safety and help by upgrading your office to promote a stress-free environment as employees adjust to the new normal. See all of the Post Covid-19 Office Product Suggestions in these Brochures.

Is Your Office Ready?

Contact us today to talk about retrofitting or redesigning your office with social distancing in mind.

Increase Personal Space

Reconfiguring Open Space Offices​

If space allows, create a 6 ft distance between employees & workspaces. Add Panels & Screens to open concept work areas to give each person their own personal space to call their own. Acrylic Panels are great for separating work stations in high volume areas. Assigning workspaces is a great way to limit the number of people using specific spaces. 

To help free up space in high volume offices, consider a phased transition of bringing back the workforce, or create varying schedules to help limit the number of people in the office at one time. 

For workspaces that do not have traditional desk set ups providing storage for each employee to store their personal items will keep personal belonging separate from other employees’ things. 

OS & Fuse Collection Panels

Everyone needs their privacy and individuality within the business environment. The layout and functionality of our OS panel and Fuse Collection systems offers just the right amount of personal space while allowing others to freely contribute ideas together at a productive rate.

Mobile Whiteboards

Constructed of durable lightweight materials, the aluminum frame adds style to any presentation or shared work environment. Use alone or join together with the optional ganging hardware to create a semi-private space. Featuring two locking casters and a magnetic surface that you can display any important documents and not worry about the board moving anywhere.

Privacy Screens​

Give your workspace more privacy and protection from office distractions in open office spaces without eliminating the ability to interact with coworkers with the new extended frosted & clear acrylic screens or fabric & whiteboard screens by OfficeSource. 

Create A Healthy Work Environment

Mobile Check-in Station​

Modify Lobby Areas​

Increase cleaning schedules that include disinfecting. Check out our Jumpstart to Reopening your Workspace Blog Post for more information about Cleaning & Care of Office Source Products.

Update Signage

Update signage for directions, social distancing, cleaning, hand-washing & occupancy. 

Adjust Cleaning Schedules​

Increase cleaning schedules that include disinfecting. Check out our Jumpstart to Reopening your Workspace Blog Post for more information about Cleaning & Care of Office Source Products. 

Modify Shared Spaces

Modify the use of shared spaces such as break rooms, conference, & training rooms. Single person seating with tablet arms is a great way to create distance without feeling isolated. 

Reception Desk w/Screens​

Mario Collection

Millennial Collection

Rosie Collection

Make Employees Health & Wellness A Priority

Provide & Standardize Work From Home Solutions​

Provide & standardize work from home solutions for those employees who are able to work remotely. We’ve gathered some of the best tips on Setting Up a Small Home Office on our blog to help you kick start the process. For inspiration be sure to check out our Work From Home Solutions page.

Standup Standing Desk

Epitome Collection

Identify PPE needs & establish guidelines

Make sure the proper guidelines are in place and you supply your employees with the PPE needed to make them feel secure. If team members can work from home, encourage them to do so, but supply them with the tools needed for success.

Encourage employees to stay home when sick

Here are 5 good reasons to stay at home when you are sick.

  1. To avoid making your colleagues sick. By going to work when you are sick, you increase the risk of spreading illness to those around you.

  2. To stop the spread of illness. It is not only your colleagues who may be affected by your illness: how many other people do you come into contact with each day – on your coffee run, picking up work supplies or on your commute to and from home?

  3. To recover properly. By attending work, you could exacerbate your health problems and later have to take a longer period of sick leave to recover.

  4. To avoid wasting time at work. By going to work when sick, you are not working to your full capacity. One study found that going to work when sick had a more negative impact overall than simply taking those days off.

  5. To minimize disruption for your employer. 
    More time off work due to not allowing your body to recover properly, more sick co-workers and none of you working efficiently is not good for business.

Communicate with Empathy & Transparency

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to keep team members engaged, connected, and positive. With so many unknowns it is essential for employees to feel like they have normalcy, safety, and an outlet for communication within the workplace and among peers.

Provide Support to Employees

Provide programs that support both physical & mental health.​

Room-By-Room Furniture Solutions

Homes are once again a focal point in people’s everyday lives. Buying trends over the past six weeks reveal that more than 19% of the new WFH workforce is not only refreshing their office space with new furniture but by also showing some furniture LOVE to other living spaces. 

- Living Room -

Clean lines and soft linen fabric,
the Partridge Collection is a fresh
take on mid-century furniture.

- Dining Room -

Dine on some industrial style
with this square or rectangular
dining table and benches. 

- Sitting Room -

With statement seating like the
Chesterfield, decorating your sitting
area becomes a whole lot easier. 

- Ottoman & Pouf Seating -

Some call it a cushion, some an ottoman, some a pouf.
These versatile pieces are perfect for extra seating,
used for a side table or footrest duty. 

Staying Connected While Social Distancing

The Benefits of Gaming While Practicing Social Distancing.

With many people still social distancing some are starting to notice the feelings of isolation, but even though you are apart from your friends or family, you are never truly alone if you have access to technology. In today’s day and age, there are so many ways to stay connected without being in the same room or even in the same state.

Social Distancing has been especially hard on the many students that went from seeing their friends daily at school to ending the school year online or through virtual classes. Help lighten the mood at home, and give your students a chance to distress and connect with their friends through video games with the help of the Gaming Chairs by OfficeSource.

In this email, you will learn some of the benefits of gaming, not only to stay connected but to keep you engaged and moving while you daily activity options are limited due to the stay at home orders or social distancing recommendations. 

Attention Span & Concentration

Video games, especially action games have the ability to capture the player’s attention and keep them focused for long amounts of time. Make sure your gamers have somewhere comfortable to sit while playing their video games. Gaming chairs like the Renegade Raider by OfficeSource allow the gamer to play their games while sitting straight or reclined with its 135-degree recline and adjustable lumbar support pillow. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Video games are great for improving coordination. To be successful at some games players need to coordinate their visual, audial, and physical movement. Not all gaming systems or games are built for as much physical movements as others, but there are many games and systems that encourage physical movements like the Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect, or PlayStation Move. Create the perfect set up with the New! Ultimate GameZone Chair Mat by OfficeSource to save your floors from all the movement from gaming. 

Problem-Solving Skills

Just like any other game, video games involve certain rules that you must follow to be able to beat the game. When playing a video game the player has to think carefully before making any move if they want to succeed in the game and advance to the next level or earn specific rewards in the game.

Get the perfect gaming set up with your screens at the optimal level for viewing. With the ability to hold up to 4 monitors at once with Monitor Arms by OfficeSource, you can have the game streaming on one screen and a video chat streaming on another. 

Enhance Memory

With each game comes a new button combination and action assigned to each button of the controllers. To be able to advance in each game, players will need to know which keys to push to accomplish tasks in each level, often time having only seconds to push the right combinations in the game.

Relieve Stress & Create Memories

There are so many video games now, for both old and young, action-based shooter games, or problem-solving puzzle-based games, that can be played together (online) but apart. Playing video games can help you stay connected and have fun with friends even when you’re practicing social distancing. 

Instead of a night out with friends, why not have a night in? Order in, pick a game and pull up a comfortable gaming chair like the Blue Striker by OfficeSource to play the night away. 

New to Work from Home? Small Space? No Problem.

Here are a few tips on Maximizing Your WFH Office Space.

Work from Home or WFH, as we call it, is becoming a household term as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the work-scape.  

This article can help you succeed in overcoming any space challenge with a bit of intentional placement and key touches that make an office of any size come alive. We have outlined a few tips for making the most out of a small space. 

1. Desk Placement

The placement of your desk is by far the biggest component of your overall office design.

As a rule of thumb, most interior design experts suggest placing your desk to the right or left of an entrance door. The old-age advice of not having your back exposed to the door. If space permits, placing your desk with the approach side facing the door can be visually appealing within a room as well as getting the best visibility of those entering the room. 

A standing desk can make a substantial difference in how comfortable you are in your space throughout the workday. You might start the morning sitting, but feel more comfortable standing after lunch.

These Standup Standing Desks from OfficeSource are what we recommend. 

2. Importance of the Right Light

The quality and character of lighting in your workspace can help increase productivity. Poor lighting can reduce your energy, dampen mood, produce eye strain and headaches, and ultimately impair your ability to work effectively.  Choose something that you wouldn’t normally choose in another area of your home, but is stimulating for your workspace.

Avoid working under the direct glare of overhead lights. Instead, look for ways to diffuse ambient light that will illuminate your office space.

For computer work and other focus intensive tasks, chose a light source dedicated to what you are doing.

This Flexible USB Light with Dimmer from OfficeSource is perfect. Convenient and portable, the flexible neck is adjustable for viewing or reading angles and is powered by any USB port.

3. Add Color for Depth

Small spaces can lack depth and character. Accent items that have a pop of color are a perfect solution, like this beautiful Perching Stool from OfficeSource. The bright blue, orange, or green are the perfect choice to brighten any room. 


Framed or canvassed art can also add color and warmth to your space. Hanging pictures above eye level to draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a higher ceiling is also a fun designer trick.

4. Creative Storage Goes a Long Way

If there is one addition to your small office that can really make a big difference,  it is creative storage.

This storage combination of Two Door Storage Cabinet and Open Hutch from OfficeSource is a great choice. Perfect for a small refreshment area, storing your favorite book collection and showcase decor items. The double door storage is perfect to clear the clutter from your workspace and store supplies.

Looking for space to keep your work bag handy?  Skip the typical coat rack, and try this Bag Hook from OfficeSource. Keep your items close and off the floor.                                                       


5. The Space Below Your Feet

Keeping the space under your desk clean and tidy can create the illusion of a larger space. Cords and cables will be tidy with Cord Management from OfficeSource.

Lastly, add motion, productivity, and fun with the Wobble Balance Board from OfficeSource.

Cabinets under your desk can be great space savers, but can also eliminate the open floor space feel. A solution is the Mini Pedestal from OfficeSource that mounts under a work surface.  

Design your home office at OfficeSource!

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