Month: January 2019

Each year, I make out my list of resolutions, purchase that fresh calendar agenda and ring in the new year with the mindset that it is going to be the best! While I never quite meet every resolution 100%, I have learned to not beat myself up and focus more on the small accomplishments that each new day brings.

Along with many of you, I spend the majority of my week in the office. Many hours behind a desk can take a toll on our bodies; back, neck and shoulder pain are only some examples.  I recently read an article with some pretty disturbing facts: If you sit for more than six hours a day, you increase your risk for heart disease by 64%, basically shaving off seven years of quality life! Not only that, but when you sit down, the electrical activity in your muscles slows down and your calorie-burning rate drops to one calorie per minute; this is about a third of what it does when you are moving.

I am obviously not a medical doctor or a nutritionist, so any type of that advice, I will leave to the experts. However, after over 30 years in the office furniture industry, I do feel like I can give some good guidance on office furniture and accessories, which can definitely help you lead a healthier lifestyle in the office.

Standup Desk:

First suggestion, would be to get a stand-up desk.  Standing at work is one of the best things you can do for your body, along with movement. Try to take a break at least once an hour. Walk to the printer, walk to get a glass of water, walk on your breaks or at lunch. While standing, it is also important to take care of your knees. A great anti-fatigue mat will help cushion your knees and hips and take the strain off these joints.

   Standing Desk  Anti-Fatigue Mat


Try Active Sitting – Perching:

When it comes to the sitting to standing ratio, only one-fourth of your time should be spent sitting, which is basically 15 minutes every hour, while 45 minutes should be spent standing. And while you’re sitting, why not also work on staying healthy. Try backless movement sitting, also known as perching. During a recent design consultation for a client, I mentioned perching, and got a very confused look; I was then asked to explain. According to Webster… perching is support consisting of something that serves as a resting place (i.e. a bird perched on a branch).  For years, the exercise ball was the trend in workspaces, and there are many scientific facts that prove this to be beneficial. Your body is constantly making small adjustments with postural muscles, abdominals, gluteal and leg muscles. A great product with the same functions as the exercise ball, but also more, is the Spool. The Spool offers the same slight movements as well as being height adjustable. When perching, you can exercise back and core muscles, while still relaxing the feet and legs. The Spool is offered in four great colors that can brighten up your office area.

Spool Chair by OfficeSource

Keyboard Trays and Monitor Arms

Long hours at your desk, whether you’re sitting or standing, can cause pain in your back and arms. A great keyboard tray can help prevent some of that strain. When choosing a keyboard, also think about what type of mouse you plan to use. Some questions you may ask yourself when making this decision include: What is the shape of your desk? How much space exists where you plan to install?

Monitor arms also play a factor in a healthy workspace. A monitor that is placed incorrectly can cause eye and neck strain. Also, having a monitor arm frees up valuable desk top real estate and eliminates clutter. Speaking of clutter, you can eliminate those annoying and unsightly cords with wire management.


  I hope that a little of my insight can help you in your start to a healthier and proactive 2019 in your workspace!   Written by Melanie Ewing, Marketing Director Check out our Facebook for more Updates!